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Emil Sigfridsson Back to Yesterday

The singer and songwriter Emil Sigfridsson has just released his new AOR album Back to Yesterday. Over the past year, six singles were released on digital platforms, leading up to the release of the full-length album Back to Yesterday. The album consists of 12 tracks, featuring 11 original songs and one cover of a Lady Gaga classic and will be available on both CD and digital formats. The album is produced by Tobias Wernersson, the guitarist of the hard rock band Supreme Majesty.


Emil Sigfridsson / Singer and songwriter

Emil comes from Sweden and rose to fame nationally after his participation in TV3's talent show Fame Factory in 2002. Under Bert Karlsson's leadership, his debut album Tillbaka till igår was released in 2003. The album achieved Gold status and even topped the Swedish sales chart. 


In 2004, Emil participated in Melodifestivalen with the ballad Innan mörkret faller. After that, he toured the country as a solo artist and in various other constellations. Since 2007, Emil has worked as a musical and show producer, putting on his own productions at the Kristianstad Theater. The first was Elton John's musical Aida. Since then, he has produced, among others, the Scandinavian premiere of Phil Collins' musical Tarzan, RENT, Beauty and the Beast, The Sound of Music, Jesus Christ Superstar, Rock of Ages, We Will Rock You and most recently The Phantom of the Opera. 


In addition to that, he has freelanced as a singer in various contexts. He has also played a lot of music together with his dad and his family. Emil has also produced a dinner show called Ages of Rock that pays tribute to the best rock bands from the 80s and 90s. 


Tobias Wernersson / Producer, musician and songwriter

Tobias Wernersson is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with extensive experience of playing, writing and producing across various music genres. 


He has been involved in several bands, including the AOR band Little Yankees, who released albums in the late 90s. However, he is primarily known as the guitarist and songwriter for the Swedish power metal band Supreme Majesty, which has released several albums worldwide. Tobias has also been hired as a musician on other albums and has appeared in multiple shows and musicals, many of them produced by Emil. 


In 2021, Emil and Tobias began working together on Emil's upcoming solo album. This time, Emil wanted to release an album of melodic rock and asked Tobias if he wanted to produce and play on the album. Tobias accepted the offer and has been been involved in songwriting, production, playing guitar, bass, keyboard/piano, and singing background on the album.

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